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Networking: The ability to network well is definitely a skill worth mastering. This 90-minute interactive session demystifies professional networking. Everyone agrees on the importance of networking, but few do it well. Through guided discussion, activities and breakout groups, participants work together to debunk networking myths, examine common mistakes and learn to implement practical suggestions for building a strong professional network.

Key Takeaways: 

  • 10 common networking myths
  • Simple, time-saving strategies for networking
virtual presence

Virtual Presence: Conducting virtual meetings has become the norm of our lives. But are your virtual meetings as productive as they could be? This 90-minute interactive session examines how to align your virtual presence with your live in-person professional presence. The pandemic led to remote working and broad acceptance of virtual meeting platforms. It is predicted that virtual meetings are here to stay. Whether a meeting leader or participant, presenting yourself virtually is a critical new skillset few people have mastered.

Key Takeaways: 

  • •  Common virtual mistakes that leave a poor impression
  • •  6 virtual meeting etiquette tips plus advanced perception strategies
conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution: Conflict is common in the workplace yet few know how to handle it well. This 90-minute interactive session looks at conflict in the workplace. The skills to handle conflict well do not come naturally, but they can be learned. Through examination of the underlying causes of many conflicts, participants discover steps to proactively take to prevent conflict or resolve it when it occurs.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The most overlooked step in communication that can prevent conflict
  • Dealing effectively with emotions like anger and frustration
nv comms

Non-Verbal Communication: What is your body language really saying? This 90-minute interactive session explores the science behind the messages our body language sends. During insightful activities, group discussion and breakout groups, participants learn how to improve their communications by looking beyond the words and consider message delivery.

Key Takeaways: 

  • • What research says about the messages body language sends
  • • Specific recommendations on movement, gestures and posture

Your Personal and Professional Brand: Are you projecting a brand that differentiates you and supports your goals? This 90-minute interactive session examines key insights on how to increase your influence and elevate your reputation. Leave equipped with skills to convey credibility, enhance each first impression and turn every interaction into a potentially powerful connection.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Strategies to consistently showcase your credibility
  • How to create a brand that fosters connection and amplifies loyalty
organizing your talk

Organizing Your Talk: Where do you begin when creating a presentation and trying to figure out what to say? This 90-minute interactive session addresses the complex topic of organizing material for a presentation or meeting. Goals, time available and the knowledge and attitude of listeners all drive what to include. Participants examine an effective organization format that can be applied across presentations and meetings of all types to ensure goals are achieved, listeners see value and actions follow. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • • The seven stages of organizing a talk
  • • How to carry out an audience analysis
handling questions

Visual Aids: Are the visual aids you're using helping or hurting your presentation? This 90-minute interactive session looks at the effective use of visual aids in presentations. Visual aids, when done well, improve learning and retention. They also reduce the time required to explain complex subjects. Effective visual aids are not the norm. They are typically too busy, confusing and boring. Through fascinating research, guided examples and group discussion, participants learn how to create effective visual aids to support messages. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Guidelines for effective visual aids
  • How to present visual aids for maximum credibility
visual aids

Handling Questions: It can be overwhelming to answer questions while in the adrenaline zone. What's the best way to manage the questions you receive? This 90-minute interactive session provides useful tools and strategies for handling questions from the audience. Q&A sessions are where presentations enter the real world. They are where listeners shift from passive to active. They offer the opportunity for massive success or they can break the presentation. Through guided discussion and group activities, participants discover how to effectively handle a wide range of audience responses to presentations.

Key Takeaways: 

  • • Steps for handling audience questions
  • • Technique for handling hostile or emotional questions
Tero Clinics - Business Etiquette Image

Business Etiquette: Did you realize there are skills that will enable you to create solid business relationships and form positive impressions? This 90-minute interactive session addresses the business etiquette skills that will help you enter a room with presence, engage in small talk, connect with others through proper introductions and maintain your valuable business network by being a respectable host and guest at business functions and client visits. These are the skills that will differentiate you and your interactions. Through guided discussion, activities and breakout groups, you will leave this session with a new sense of self and polish.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Strategies for small talk and remembering names
  • Business entertaining
Tero Clinics - Professional Image Image

Professional Image: Are you confused by ever-changing dress code standards? This 90-minute interactive session examines the importance of projecting a professional image and how you can look suitable with or without the suit. We’ll also explore common mistakes that can sabotage your visual impact. Participants will be empowered with strategies to elevate their external presence and internal confidence.

Key Takeaways: 

  • • Demystify dressing for success in current times
  • • Wardrobe strategies to support your career goals


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