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cross-cultural competence

Cross-Cultural Competence: How is your ability at understanding different cultures and communicating effectively? This 90-minute interactive session will create an awareness of the diverse ways people perceive and manage difference. Using five stages of cultural sensitivity, this session will focus on recognizing five ways people react to difference, and the benefits and limitations of each stage. A stimulating breakout activity will depict the various ways people manage difference, and alert attendees to opportunities to manage differences at work in a more inclusive way. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • • Five stages of cultural sensitivity
  • • Strategies for fostering inclusivity in the workplace
implicit bias

Implicit Bias: Ready to challenge your biases, attitudes and beliefs? This 90-minute interactive session will create an awareness of key concepts of implicit bias. Stereotypes and generalizations, managing assumptions and perceptions, and hearing lived experiences of those affected by implicit bias will all be addressed. Breakout groups to discuss these concepts and formulate a list of further questions will be part of the experience as well as takeaway action steps to further promote understanding in the workplace.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Key concepts of implicit bias
  • Specific ways to promote understanding
ensuring equity

Ensuring Equity: This 90-minute interactive discussion will explore the various ways people can experience inequity at work. Breakout groups to create awareness of different groups that could receive unequal consideration and treatment within an organization, how equity is dependent on opportunity and access, and identification of three steps to ensure an attention to equity in policy, process, recognition and advancement. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • • Understanding of equity around race, national culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical challenge
  • • 3 steps to bring attention to areas of inequity
men and women workplace

Men and Women in the Workplace: This 90-minute interactive session will explore the differences between male and female communication patterns, conditioned values, and management styles. Breakout groups will work with data to illuminate the evolution of gender roles and cultural barriers to success, as well as how to improve male/female communications at work.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Male/Female conditioned values and their implications at work
  • Breaking through gender barriers
conflict communication style

Conflict Communication Style: What communication style do you default to when in an emotionally demanding discussion? In this 90-minute interactive session, using the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory, participants will assess their own communication style when in conflict and understand the potential differences in style across cultures and segment populations. Are you expressive or restrained? Direct or indirect? Understanding your style can assist you in resolving disagreements with people who approach conflict differently than you as well as help you interpret statements of the other party. Participants will be involved in interactive breakouts to discuss the different characteristics of conflict communication styles. This session will also provide each individual with the Intercultural  Conflict Style Inventory personal assessment.

Key Takeaways: 

  • • Personal Conflict Communication Style
  • • Strategies for understanding diverse conflict communication styles


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