Honesty and trust often go hand-in-hand. You need one to gain the other, right? Fostering an environment of honesty in the workplace encourages accountability among coworkers. According to Entrepreneur, most workplaces have policies that are intended to uphold honest and ethical business practices. They list three negative effects that result when honesty isn't a priority.


1. Dishonesty disrupts employee performance

2. Organizations experience greater turnover

3. It's damaging to the bottom line


Take the time to think about the value honesty holds in your workplace environment. Could it be improved? Find the tools to build trust in honesty at work by exploring the February eZine. Take a quiz to really test your knowledge, watch the latest Tero Tips and read an article that explores the fundamentals of a trusting work environment.


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Featured Article:

Are you helping to foster an environment of trust in your office?

In 2016, Karyn Twaronite published the results of a survey in the Harvard Business Review. Her company surveyed workers aged 19-68 in eight different countries. They found that fewer than half of those workers had a great deal of trust in their employers. In addition, 15% reported having very little or no trust in their employers. Continue reading...



Test Your Knowledge

This month's Tero quiz covers honesty and lying. Find our what you think you know about lying by taking this true or false quiz! The results might surprise you.

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IOB Podcast: Business & Personal Honesty

Chief Learning Officer Deborah Rinner joins Insight on Business's Michael Libbie to discuss honesty, reputation management, business transparency and much more. 


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Long-Term Success of a Leader is Largely Determined by Those Who Follow

So, how can you position yourself as a successful leader with that perspective. What if they don't do it right? What if they mess up? What if they don't get it done at all? What if the outcome is not up to your standards? Watch the video below for an amazing opportunity to acquire skills to make your life easier.


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Tero Tips: How To Establish Trust In The Workplace

Does your workplace culture support honesty? We all hope... no we expect those we work with to be honest with us.

Many people hope those in positions of power are being honest in their work and doing what's best for the company and the employees. Honesty builds trust, so when the truth isn't the truth how does that affect your work?

Chapter 60-Do You Look Honest


Not The Trusting Type

Listen to a snippet of the award-winning Your Invisible Toolbox audible! According to Harvard University's Institute of Politics millennials trust only two major societal institutions... can you guess what they are?


Tero Tips: How To Boost Confidence

We are not born confident. That's a fact. However, you can work to master your confidence and believe in your skills and show that confidence even in the workplace!

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