Truly motivating your employees takes skill. We know it can be difficult sometimes. Do you offer more incentives? Do you allow more freedom? How do you truly motivate? 

This month's eZine goes deeper into employee motivation and self-motivation and what can be done to inspire a positive outcome. Learn how to develop motivation techniques by reading Tero's featured article and test your knowledge to see if you can figure out what is true or false when it comes to the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation with this month's quiz. 


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Featured Article:

"Genetics is crude, but neuroscience goes directly to work on the brain, and the mind follows"-Leon Kass

Effectively motivating employees has always been one of management's most challenging and difficult tasks. Entrepreneurs and administrators always try to implement effective techniques, methods, procedures to persuade, inspire, and engage employees. Employers provide generous rewards, money, perks, and benefits to enhance employees' productivity. Continue Reading...



Test Your Knowledge

This month's Tero quiz covers intrinsic motivation. Find out what you think you know about the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation by taking this true or false quiz! The results might surprise you.

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IOB Podcast: Employee Engagement or Entitlement?

Tero President Rowena Crosbie discusses how keeping employees engaged takes more than incentives with Insight on Business host Michael Libbie.

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Long-Term Success of a Leader is Largely Determined by Those Who Follow

So, how can you position yourself as a successful leader with that perspective. What if they don't do it right? What if they mess up? What if they don't get it done at all? What if the outcome is not up to your standards? Watch the video below for an amazing opportunity to acquire skills to make your life easier.


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Tero Tips: How To Motivate Your Employees

Are you the person that wants to do a good job because it's your job? Or do you find that incentives are what push you to go further in your work?

Incentives aren't necessarily bad, but they can create a culture that encourages employees to not do their work unless there is a bonus. Many leaders need to learn how to truly tap that internal motivation.

Chapter 56


The Heart Is Where The Enthusiasm Is

Listen to a snippet of the award-winning Your Invisible Toolbox audible! Passionate people tend to outperform individuals with greater technical qualifications or skills. Without passion, individuals can lose their knowledge advantage through complacency.


Tero Tips: Intrinsic Motivation: How-To's To Implement Today

Motivation can create a dilemma for leaders. Fostering intrinsic motivation is the key to productive teams.

How can a leader be confident they are creating an environment in which people are intrinsically motivated? Here are five how-to’s.

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