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Asking Questions: Most people think they are seen as credible if they know all the answers. Research says it's the person who can ask just the right question that is perceived as credible. What is the right question? This interactive 90-minute session will explore four types of questions. Questions to further a relationship, those that uncover underlying interests, questions to use when you are ready to solve an issue and questions to make sure your solution is one that is equitable and can fulfill all essential considerations. The breakout groups will have people engaging in utilizing all four types of questions covered in this section, as well as point out that human nature is to tell, not ask. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • • Four essential types of questions
  • • Open vs. Closed questions
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Listening: How many people are truly good at listening? Most of us feel it is a passive activity. But true listening, the kind that makes people feel heard, is an active sport. What are the steps of active listening? This interactive 90-minute session will present the steps and the breakouts will give opportunities to break the pattern of passive hearing and become a person who others feel actively listens and is interested in their message. Steps to replace misleading communication patterns like apologizing if someone has a problem or saying we understand when we haven't enough information to understand will be shared. This process works to show empathy, clear up miscommunication, address objections and conflict and that listening is an essential workplace skill.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Active listening steps
  • Ability to identify common ground

Interests: How many problems do you solve a day? How many decisions do you make? Do either of these tasks require you to work with others to come to a solution? If so, understanding the four types of interests inherent in any problem or decision is imperative. Through knowing your interests and finding out the interests of the other party, you will come up with better options and results. This interactive 90-minute session will teach you a fundamental tool that expert influencers know and use, the Interest Chart. In breakouts, participants will explore tangible, intangible, short term and long term interests and how to use interest charts to gear discussions around the things that drive behavior, not just explain a position. This is the secret of influencers who create collaborative and impressive results and outcomes. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • • How to build an interest chart
  • • Four types of interests


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