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rapport building

Rapport Building: Have you ever been in conversation with someone and felt that you were on the same wavelength? What caused that feeling? Have you ever been in a conversation and felt that rapport was missing? Why was that? Rapport is a feeling of comfort, trust, and understanding you have with someone else. In this 90-minutes interactive session, participants explore the behaviors to use and those to avoid to make rapport happen quickly.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The science behind rapport
  • Rapport-building activities

Persuasion: Why do two sales people, each equipped with the same product knowledge and selling tools, experience different levels of sales success? In this 90-minute interactive session, participants discover the three things that are essential to persuade someone to a course of action and that simply being an expert on your own products or services is rarely compelling. Through guided discussion and breakout groups, participants learn that tools for persuasion are often surprising and counterintuitive. 

  • • 3 things essential to persuasion
  • • Strategies for building swift trust
barriers to success

Barriers to Sales Success: What's holding you back from being as successful as you possibly can in sales? Tero's research has revealed seven barriers that prevent us from achieving our sales goals. During this 90-minute interactive session, sales professionals are introduced to the seven barriers, and are challenged to carry out a self-audit. Through insightful breakout group activities and peer learning, specific tips are provided to overcome common barriers.

Key Takeaways:

  • 7 barriers to successful selling
  • Tips for overcoming barriers
healthy customer relationships

Healthy Customer Relationships: When the sale isn't a one-time transaction, creating the conditions for a healthy customer relationship is critical. During this 90-minute interactive session, sales professionals learn to diagnose the health of each customer relationship using Tero's Proprietary Sales Model. Through an examination of the Trust Zone and Danger Zones in the model, they quickly discern where there are more sales opportunities and where the customer relationship is at risk.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Diagnose the relative health of every customer relationship
  • • Tero's Outcome-Driven Selling Model
effective listening

Effective Listening: Many people tell themselves they can't remember names. Research tells us the problem isn't memory, it is a failure to listen in the first place. Listening has been described as the forgotten skill. For sales professionals, effective listening may be the most important tool in the selling toolbox. During this 90-minute interactive session, sales professionals learn a discrete set of listening skills and apply them in challenging customer interactions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Listening as a selling tool
  • Developing a listening mindset
effective asking

Effective Asking: How can we discover the customer's interests? We ask them. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as asking the customer what is most important to them. As human beings, customers focus on short-term, tangible goals like price, quality and volume. They need guidance to realize they have deeper needs. During this 90-minute interactive session, sales professionals discover that not all questions are created equal and asking the right questions requires planning.

Key Takeaways:

  • • 6 types of questions to engage the customer
  • • How to challenge the customer to think differently
closing strategies

Closing Strategies: Amazon and other e-commerce retailers have changed customer expectations, shopping patterns and the competitive landscape. It is hard to compete with their streamlined systems of order taking, payments and logistics. Sales training in the past focused on closing strategies. Close early. Close often. Trial close. To succeed in this new reality, sales professionals need to adjust their selling approach, and that starts with how they view the close. In this 90-minute interactive session, sales professionals learn uncommon and surprising strategies for closing the sale that vary greatly from selling strategies in the past. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How closing questions differ from all other selling questions
  • How to compete with Amazon and other e-commerce selling platforms
interest-based selling

Interest-based Selling: What separates a top sales person from an average performer? Given the same product knowledge, sales goals and selling tools, why do some salespeople fail and others succeed? The answer has to do with focus. Average sales people focus on their own goals. Top sales professionals focus on the customer. They understand that the customer buys for their reasons, not ours. During this 90-minute interactive session, sale professionals are introduced to a sales planning tool that uncovers the unique interests and needs of each customer.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Interest-based sales planning tool
  • • Differentiate your offering from the competition in the customer's mind


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