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A message regarding Covid-19 and Tero International from Tero's President, Rowena Crosbie.

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What to do next?

Tero International Learning Specialist Liz Cooney, is available to help you reschedule or answer your questions. Feel free to reach out to her to do so. You can email her at or by phone (515) 221-2318 (ext. 205)

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How To Calm Your Emotions

It's a stressful time right now. Emotions can be raised. Here's how to keep yourself calm and focused during this time. 

How Do I Keep People Engaged?

Keeping people engaged is becoming increasingly hard with all the technology: emails, texting, posting, social media and an endless amount of distractions.

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Recession-Proofing Your Wardrobe

Development Challenge

A tighter job market often challenges people to commit to having a professional image at the office, knowing that a polished appearance can equate to a competitive edge. A tighter budget, however, may mean that funds simply aren't available for a new work wardrobe.

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Chapter 57


Enjoy chapter 57 of Your Invisible Toolbox.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, and please share with us your thoughts or a small act of kindness you've recently done. 

Rowena Crosbie Tero International, President


Pop quiz

Can You Get These True or False Questions Right?

Change Quiz

    1. T/F When introduced to a change, focusing on the future is the best tactic.
    2. T/F In times of change it is best to focus on fact over emotion.
    3. T/F The number one reason change initiatives fail is that we don’t understand what it involves or requires.
    4. T/F A technique to help navigate change is to borrow from the past, thinking of successes you have had as you navigate through a new change.
    5. T/F Feeling overwhelmed, low energy and low morale are not common effects of change for well-adjusted people.


Have Your Answers Ready?


  1. False: Change begins with the ending of something, a loss. It might be loss of a process, a way of doing a task, or the loss of a relationship. In change we must focus first on what we are leaving behind. Dignifying the ending and what we are leaving behind is the first step to navigating change effectively.
  2. False: People are emotional creatures, and during times of change people might demonstrate fear, confusion, anger, sadness or any similar emotion. We must expect and plan for emotion, and for find productive ways to process them.
  3. True: Change is a process through which we let go, get used to what we left behind and slowly move toward the new until we finally arrive at the new state of being.
  4. True: We have experienced many changes in life if we reflect on it. Borrowing from past successes with regard to changes we have made in the past can help us be successful in navigating change in the present.
  5. False: These are all common effects of change. If we recognize ahead of time these feelings are normal, we can lessen their hold and the anxiety we may feel because of them.

Silver Lining Feel Good Moments


Ask Tero

Life and work are little crazy right now. And Tero is trying to put together resources for you during this time. Please share what you would like to  know more about to help you as professional while you're working from home, social distancing in the office and having to find new ways to run your business.


What issues are you dealing with as an individual or leader while managing covid-19? Are there professional resources you are needing at this time to continue your professional development? What tips would you like to know about working from home? Let us know!

Ask Your Questions

Tero Kidz Zone

Parents and Guardians,

We understand that with schools being closed and many of you having to work from home. Kids shouldn't be missing the opportunity to learn and grow, just like you as parents shouldn't miss the opportunity to learn and grow as professionals. Much of what Tero teaches is also critical for young kids and teenagers to learn as well. We've developed an area on our website full of resources for kids to learn and grow from while at home the next few weeks. 

Visit Kidz Zone

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