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Here's what Tero Graduates have to say

"These were great tools and great skills that are immediately applicable." 

"If everyone had these tools and skills as a common language we could have more healthy and collaborative interactions. We would feel more fulfilled and less drained."

"Perfect for me as a remote worker. It was a fun experience and I will be participating in another clinic in the future."

"The skillsets you learn or are reminded of as a leader are imperative to great communications with your team."

"There are some helpful learning points that people may not be aware of that they can find useful. It's important to be able to motivate and to coach others to get the best from them."


Tero clinics are the interactive learning experience you need to gain critical skills imperative for your success. Covering an array of topics, there are many clinics to choose from to start your transformative learning experience.

Each clinic was created to give participants actionable tools to immediately use in their lives.

Whether you’re working remote, in the office or even while you’re traveling, bring life-changing experiences to yourself by signing up for your first clinic today. It’s as simple as showing up and allowing yourself to grow with the research-based knowledge shared in each Tero Clinic.




Don't just check a box, participate in something that works, and make your time and effort count.

Top 6 reasons for participating in a Tero Clinic:

  1. Save time in your busy work day 
  2. Experience a virtual workshop like no other that is interactive and not boring
  3. Peer-environment, you lead your experience with the guidance of a Tero trained professional
  4. Participate in life-changing 90-minute clinics that are actually engaging 
  5. Each clinic is backed by credible research you can trust
  6. Convenient for your work and personal schedule  

Who should attend a Tero Clinic?

Tero grads who want a refresh on skills they learned in a Tero Workshop

• Individuals who don't have the time for 1-2 day learning

• Those who have specific learning goals

• Those looking for convenient learning for your team

• Managers looking for team-based learning  activities

• Looking for an appetizer for intensive Tero Training

Explore Tero International Clinics

Tero Clinics vs. e-Learning

If you are looking to simply check a box and push large numbers of people to complete the self-driven e-learning sessions where they aren't fully engaged, then regular e-learning is right for you. But if your goal is to see real results, create actionable change and participate in meaningful learning experiences, while being led by an expert facilitator, then the Tero Clinics are the right choice for you.

Working solo online, going through self-driven lessons and not engaging with an instructor or peer is typical of e-learning. It is well documented many people don't complete the self-driven e-learning they are assigned, leading to outcomes that fall short of expectations and goals. 

Two advantages of a facilitated learning experience with Tero International, include customization in the early phases and the ability to adapt unique learning needs of different audiences. With Tero Clinics you will participate in peer learning and accountability challenges essential to achieving results. Experience the feel of a classroom learning environment, by learning remote with Tero. Real instructors, real world discoveries and tools for professional development are what you can expect from learning in small doses in Tero Clinics. 

Are you willing to spend money on something worthwhile or waste your money to just check a box?  The choice is easy.


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Whether you’re looking for leadership skills or experience on sales, diversity & equity and more , Tero Clinics are available to offer you actionable steps towards developing your professional self.

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90-minute self-discovery you can apply immediately guided by a Tero Trainer

"Useful information presented in a helpful way." 

"There is something for everyone to take away from the training."

Meet your elite Tero Training Team

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Since 1993, Tero International has earned a distinguished reputation as a premier interpersonal skills research and corporate training company. Professionals from locations around the world are graduates of Tero's workshops and hundreds of leaders turn to Tero for their executive coaching services.